Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The Journey, so far...

The past 4 (really 5 for me because I arrived a day early) have been so crazy, fun, exhausting, and great all at the same time. When I arrived in Paris, I had no idea what it would be like. I didn’t know if people spoke English at all and I would never have an idea of what was happening or even what the city would look like. I didn’t know what type of photographer I was and certainly had no idea of different techniques that we have learned. As the days evolved, I gained confidence in my ability to navigate the city and in my photography skills. Before this class started, I was a point and shoot picture taker. I would just take a picture and hope for the best. But now, I am starting to figure out how to deal with aperture and shutter speed to get the best lighting and am starting to get the hang of different exposure techniques. I am also using iPhoto editing for real now, not just pushing the enhance wand and letting it choose the changes for me…which I am very impressed at! This trip has been great not only for learning about photography but art in general. I have loved all of our trips to the museums even if we haven’t seen a lot of photography because it has made me think about what type of photographer/artist I want to be. What do I want my pictures to get across? What do I want the subject to be? Do I have a style? And every question makes me work harder at getting that one perfect photograph. I really loved Paris. It was absolutely beautiful with gorgeous architecture that photographed lovely but I am ready to take on London! If I have figured out and learned this much in just four days, I can’t wait to see what I am going to be able to do by Sunday!

Here is my set for the day: USA in the UK These pictures are all what I see (as the USA) in (or in route to) the UK. It shows my journey to the UK and what I saw while there

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