Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Constructing Identity Through Photographs

Photographs are tidbits that a person can use to show their life. They can show their interests, what they do, what they like and virtually anything else about them. All the photographs that I am personally connected to are either about how I see the world or how the world sees me in a certain instant. If I am taking the picture, other people are able to see the world through my eyes and get my point of view which helps them understand me. If there is a photograph that I am in, it shows my relation to the world and how I interact with it. It shows in a certain instant, what I was like and how another viewed me. Allowing others to see these types of photographs lets them come up with their idea of what I am like which in turn helps me create my identity. Our identities are made up of reflections of how others view us and photographs creates that perception. Photographs also allow us to see what we look like to others in the world and so we can figure out how we present ourselves, what we are like and put together some of the pieces that make us one human being. The pictures in my set for today are of me, but mainly how I view the world, what I think is important or interesting and little things that are symbolic or representative of me and my life.

Here is my set for the day: A Sense of Self These pictures show me traditionally (my place, my face, what I am eating) but also show what I see so the world can see how I view it.

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