Thursday, November 29, 2012

A Letter to Fox Talbot

Dr Mr. Fox Talbot,

First off, can I saw how wonderful of a home you have? It is one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen and I absolutely loved it. If you can spare a room I would love to be roommates!

Next, I wanted to say thank you for your work with photography. Photography is one of my favorite things to see, experience and do. Being able to capture one specific moment for all of time – to immortalize one second, one feeling is a beautiful thing. Photography has taken me to places I would never get to go to and let me see things that I wouldn’t be able to see.

Photography has become a huge part of my life and it would be much different if it hadn’t been invented when it did or how it did so once again, thank you. Thank you for helping create this entity that has shaped how I see the world and freezes moments in time. It really is a wonderful invention.


Here is my set for the day: A Sense of Light and Time In all of these pictures I tried to play with the light source and (because of the whether) was able to get some great pictures!

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