Sunday, November 25, 2012

A Sense of the Other

Leah: I met Leah on the day we met at DU. We got to the building early and talked and our friendship began. We met at the hotel a day early to stay together and I have learned so much about her. Leah is a very old soul. She is a poet and can find good art anywhere in anyplace. She writes poems as we are on the go whenever she feels inspired and comes up with verse that has very deep meaning. She is also incredibly directional smart and can figure out any map or location we need to get to. Leah and I also have a lot in common that we have bonded over - particularly shopping and food. We both love to shop and have the same taste in foods. I like walking around Paris with her because we find so many fun stores to go into and always encourage each other to buy things we like - even when we shouldn't. I think if it were not for this class, Leah and I may not have met and so I am very glad we have become friends on this trip. The picture that I took as Leah's portrait shows her artistic and comedian sides.

Vanessa: Vanessa and I knew each other a little before this trip. We both work in the same psychology lab back at DU so we have seen each other for Undergraduate Research Assistant meetings and while we work but we never hung out before this trip. Vanessa is one of the sweetest people I've ever met. She always has a kind thing to say and is nice to everybody. She also is very artistic - she takes pictures and shots that I wouldn't have thought of and they turn out really neat. Vanessa is one of the best people to photograph as well. You can't take a bad picture of that girl...she is always camera ready. The portrait that I took of her I believe captures her beauty and kindness.

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