Thursday, November 1, 2012

PreClass Assignment

Hello everyone!! Welcome to my blog about my amazing trip to London and Paris for winter interterm!  I am very excited to start this adventure! 
Here is the link to my first set of pictures: Pre-Class Picture Set
The photos I put on flicker are some of my favorites that I have ever taken not only because they have interesting angles and lighting, but also because they were taken in some of my favorite places. The picture of my name in the sand was taken at my Grandma's house in Maine. I had not been able to visit her for a few years because of an illness that I had so when I took this picture, it represented me being at the place I love most. The fun picture of sand and sky was taken on a family vacation over the summer. I had no intention of taking a picture that came out as unique as this one did - it was completely accidental - however I think it might be one of the most interesting pictures I have ever taken! The picture on this blog is of Central Park. New York City is my favorite place in the entire world and Central Park has a magical quality about it. I took this picture to represent the storybook feeling that Central Park has and I incorporated the compass as a representation of directionality in the story. My final pictures I took on a class trip to Spain when I was a senior in high school. The picture with the three girls and the old man cracks me up. It was very much a right place at the right time picture - which I believe the majority of photography is. My three friends were chatting and an old man came, sat next to them and then acted very annoyed with their conversation. I think this picture capture a rare moment and without it, I would have forgotten about. I chose the final picture in my set because of it's colors and lighting. The bright colors of the spanish buildings always pop out and I think with this picture I was able to capture that feeling. 
I am looking forward to meeting everyone tomorrow at our meeting!

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