Friday, November 30, 2012

Response to a Photograph

There was a picture today in the Light from the Middle East exhibit that featured a party that had happened with four people in it. The picture was left all the same except for the people’s faces and skin  - which were totally whited out. This was done for protection of the individuals because parties of this kind were not allowed – women had skin showing, there was drinking all around and it looked like a typical American party however, it was prohibited. I thought this picture was really captivating. It looked as if the people were photo shopped, as if they were not supposed to be there (which technically they weren’t) and were put in by a computer. I also found it interesting how making all aspects of the skin completely white made the people look as if they were comic book characters in a every day setting. I found these quirks beautiful and shocking. I’m sure the way the people looked and the light that was on their faces looked nice (after all this picture is in the Victoria and Albert Museum) but it’s sad that the faces and skin had to be taken out for protection. I think the realness of hiding identities or else these subjects might have been killed makes the picture which might have been arbitrary in any other capacity, very deep. It also illustrated how much the human face brings into a picture. Without the emotion on someone’s face or where they were looking with their eyes, there was much to question. Faces give away a lot of information so without it, I felt like something was missing. Perhaps that was the photographer’s point, that our faces make up who we are and create us as an individual and without it, we are just part of the background and surroundings. Even if that isn’t the point of the photograph, I thought it was really interesting to see and definitely left me wondering. 

Here is my set for today: The Human Street All of these pictures show the hustle and bustle of modern day life and the crowdedness that society has - and that crowded feeling can come from people, places or things. 

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